Brand Essence

Canada Snowboard

Swimming Canada

Village of Anmore

City of Selkirk

Bluewater Grill

DT Williams Lake

Aboriginal Tourism BC

Town of Sylvan Lake


Based on your assigned case study, answer the following questions:

  1. What are the most important intangible brand attributes/essence that differentiates the brand from competitor brands?

  2. What is one keyword that would distinguish this?

  3. Who is their target audience?

  4. How is the brand designed to be meaningful to the audience?

  5. What type(s) of logo forms do they use?

  6. What colours distinguish the brand and why did they choose these colours?

  7. List five touch points the brand uses

  8. How was the agency able to turn around or improve the value proposition of the brand?

  9. What questions does the brand leave you with?


  • Use InDesign or Google Slides

  • Letter size and landscape format

  • Include the company name and images to help state your points above

  • List both team members name and case study name on the title page